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Chris Oldham

Commissioning an Original Watercolor Painting

Chris OldhamPerhaps you have your own idea for a railroad-related painting based on a fond memory, a favorite photograph or your imagination. Whether your idea is only a vague notion or a highly specific train, date, location or occasion, Chris would be pleased to work with you on a commissioned basis to develop your initial concept into an exceptional work of art.

While many interested in railway art may prefer a scene based on a specific prototype, please keep in mind that one of the joys of commissioning a painting is that the finished work need not be strictly constrained by reality. Thus, perhaps you’d like a painting of a freelanced model railroad or of a locomotive in a paint scheme it never actually wore.

Incorporating your vision and drawing upon his own knowledge and extensive research materials, Chris will prepare a pencil sketch for review and approval by the client prior to proceeding with the painting. In this process the client and the artist can decide upon the scene, season, lighting and atmosphere.

If you would like to commission a painting by Chris, please contact him.